"Buzzard" Pilots Swamp Sampans

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Bien Hoa (7AF) - Two F-100 Supersabre pilots of the 510th Tactical Fighter Squadron recently struck an enemy base camp 22 miles east of Cen Tho and caught enemy sampans moving up a canal.

Strike pilots were Major Eugene F. Miller, 35, Perry, GA., and Captain Donald J. Campbell, 32, Phoenix, Ariz., who made bombing and strafing passes on the target.

"The target was a base camp along a series of canals," said Miller, "and the Air Force forward air controller (FAC) had seen some sampans in the area which was active with people."

"The FAC briefed us enroute to the target and we went right into our first pass as soon as we got there and caught a sampan in mid-canal and I got a direct hit on it."

The FAC assessed the damage following the strike as three sampans destroyed, five military fortifications destroyed, five damaged and one bunker destroyed.

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