Bien Hoa Bugle

"The BIEN HOA BUGLE is an official Class Two Air Force newspaper, published weekly on Saturday for the personnel of Bien Hoa Air Base, Pacific Air Forces, Republic of Vietnam. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent th­ose of the USAF."

Commander.....Col. Robert A. Ackerly
Information Officer.....Capt. Stuart W. Shadbolt
Assistant Information Officer.....1st Lt. Jess E. Maxwell
Editor.....SSgt. Hobert H. Hoffmann
Assistant Editor.....A1C August A. Yakima
Production Manager.....AM Clyde W. Lyon
Illustrator.....SSgt. Donald D. Stem

Bien Hoa Bugle
Friday, December 31, 1965

The 510th Tactical Fighter Squadron had a busy week this week as they logged their 1,000th combat flying hour since arriving here last month. The 510th was the first squadron to bomb enemy targets after the 30 hour Christmas truce. The 1,000 hour mark was reached on a flight led by Capt. Bob W. Guin that struck a Viet Cong concentration and storage area approximately 90 miles southwest of Saigon. Seven structures were destroyed and 12 damaged.

Bien Hoa Bugle
Saturday, January 8, 1966

Maj. James C. Barnes landed his F-100 Supersabre last Sunday at 8:10am, he had just completed the 1, 000th combat sortie flown by the 510th Tactical Figh­ter Squadron since its arrival here in mid-November.