The 510th TFS has a Busy Week Against Viet Cong

Bien Hoa Bugle
Friday, December 31, 1965

The 510th Tactical Fighter Squadron had a busy week this week as they logged their 1,000th combat flying hour since arriving here last month. The 510th was the first squadron to bomb enemy targets after the 30 hour Christmas truce. The 1,000 hour mark was reached on a flight led by Capt. Bob W. Guin that struck a Viet Cong concentration and storage area approximately 90 miles southwest of Saigon. Seven structures were destroyed and 12 damaged.

Other pilots on the Flight were Lt. Col. Allen S. Nelson, commander of the 510th TFS, and Capt. Gary W. Fredricks. Captain Fredricks was credited with the 1,000th hour.

Two F-100s of the 510th TFS were standing alert early Sunday morning when they were scrambled to provide close air support for ARVN outposts that were under Viet Cong attack.

It was the first combat mission flown in the Republic of Vietnam following the Christmas truce. Pilots on the flight that left here at 6:55 a.m. were Capt. Gary W. Findlay, flight leader, and Capt. Warren Terry.

On Tuesday another flight of three F-100s from the squadron hit a VC storage area along a canal 35 miles southeast of Can Tho. Using 500 pound general purpose bombs and 20 mm cannons they destroyed 20 strictures, damaged 25 and caused 2 secondary explosions.

Pilots on the mission were Capt, Lorin B. Krueger II, flight leader, Capt. James A. Cullen and Lt. Col. Allen S. Nelson,

Colonel Nelson was credited with both secondary explosions, thought to be from stored, VC ammunition.

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