Far as I know, Puppy, Coach and I are in; I would hope many more will follow. We enjoyed good fortune during our time at BTW and found time to celebrate that good fortune at our many squadron parties. So let’s do it again in Vegas. Time to circle up for Redneck Mother after which time Tom Shepperd will lead us in an egg eating contest.

A word about the Thompson Trophy. It was named after Tommy Thompson who died in on an A10 demo flight when the stab aug system failed. Tommy was a Bien Hoa Buzzard, 68-69. Buzzard blood runs deep in the A10 community, and owning that trophy as much as we did during our tenure is a credit to all who put bombs and bullets on target.

So dial up and jump in. Can’t wait!


There are many names missing from this list, to name but a few: Fielder, Flouer, Fortenberry, Lucket, Derrick, Sischo, Bucknam, Bonz , Tovrea, Gaeta, Dannelly, Britton, Doyle, Brown, and Coppin. Pls pass the word.

Special thx to Coach who’s been the primary A10 rep in working with the organizing committee when not having a beer with Puppy in Chicago.